Hi. I'm Brenda Lazerus. I make jewelry. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, learning and inventing as I go.

The jewelry and most components are handcrafted by me in my Colorado studio. I consider myself a craftsperson, making artful objects that perform well and have a human touch. I strive to create pieces that induce a smile, are comfortable to wear, and last a long time.

You may have noticed I really like metal. All the metal. Rusty bits, old lunch boxes, beer cans, gold, silver, copper, cookie tins, random washers, aluminum strips, stainless steel plates, all of it! I enjoy using them as tools and mixing them together in my designs.

And glass. Be still my heart! It comes in ALL the colors. I fuse most of the glass myself because it is difficult to find pieces that look like jellyfish.

I’m always open to commissions and sock dancing. Ready when you are to try both at the same time 😉