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egg pendants and spring








I do believe spring is on the way.  A series of warm days is bringing out the evidence.   I have crocuses blooming near the front porch and the insects are waking up.  I had a small bug crawl on me just last night, while watching TV.  It startled us all, but none more so than Pipi the cat.










Unfortunately, Nora  is sporting enormous scratches down her leg, because that is what Pipi used to propel himself off the sofa.  She is blaming me for the scratches, because I became alarmed and tried to remove the bug by jumping around while brushing wildly at my arm and hollering.   It was dark and I couldn’t tell what kind of bug it was!

It could have been a spider.










It wasn’t, but it could have been.

And I’m really, really sorry about the bloody gashes on your leg!

Anyway, on to the original purpose of the blog:  Spring!  Time for hope, rebirth, a new beginning… eggs.


Beautiful sterling silver egg pendants with sparkly yolks.  I have added disco chicken, flamingo and bluejay to the traditional mix.  I kiln-formed the dichroic glass cabs myself.

The backs are stamped “SUNNY  SIDE UP”, because sunny side down is grouchy darkness, and who want’s that?