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orange surprise


I was recently asked to make my sterling silver hammered rings pendant with an orange stone, the customer’s favorite color.  We decided to go with an 8mm reddish-orange cubic zirconia to get the color, size and price she wanted.   We also brought the scale down a bit, to suit her small frame and make it more casual.  I was very excited to make this one, because I also love orange and don’t get to work with it very often.  CZ’s really sparkle, so it competes well with the highly reflective hammered surface of the silver.  I love how it came out.

Surprise!  I live in the Denver metro area.  So does the customer.  We are both huge Denver Bronco’s fans.   (If you were a recipient of our 2011 Christmas card, you have seen my family Tebowing.)   When she came to pick up the necklace, she was wearing a blue Bronco’s t-shirt.  Boy oh boy, that pendant looks good with navy.  So good, in fact, I’m going to make one for myself to wear on Sundays with my Bronco’s shirt.