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monster pendant for Cass



What do you do with your beloved metal lunchbox when it can no longer carry your PB&J to school?  Send it your favorite art jeweler for recycling!  Cass loved her Robot lunchbox and was sad when it needed to be replaced.  Her mom thought it would be cool if we crafted a monster pendant out it.  She was right.











I designed a small, cute monster for Cass and stamped her name on the back.  I put it on a leather cord to keep the monster casual.










This is Cass wearing her monster.  What a cutie!!






































This is Cass wearing her monster.

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orange surprise


I was recently asked to make my sterling silver hammered rings pendant with an orange stone, the customer’s favorite color.  We decided to go with an 8mm reddish-orange cubic zirconia to get the color, size and price she wanted.   We also brought the scale down a bit, to suit her small frame and make it more casual.  I was very excited to make this one, because I also love orange and don’t get to work with it very often.  CZ’s really sparkle, so it competes well with the highly reflective hammered surface of the silver.  I love how it came out.

Surprise!  I live in the Denver metro area.  So does the customer.  We are both huge Denver Bronco’s fans.   (If you were a recipient of our 2011 Christmas card, you have seen my family Tebowing.)   When she came to pick up the necklace, she was wearing a blue Bronco’s t-shirt.  Boy oh boy, that pendant looks good with navy.  So good, in fact, I’m going to make one for myself to wear on Sundays with my Bronco’s shirt.